Nov 21, 2012

tayxtrend: Futuristic Lover Clothes (not Katy Perry style)

Okay. The song for this post is E.T. by Katy Perry, because we are having a futuristic loving fest right here on tayxlife. Why? Because one of the hottest fall trends right now is "Outer Space" clothing dimesions.

Outer Space has been a huge topic in every circle of life- Are there aliens? Are we alone in the universe? Blah blah blah.

In music, videos are getting more "futuristic" I guess you could say. But you can't exactly call them "futuristic" because they are not things of the future, they are things of now...but whatever.

Think Chris Brown's Don't Wake Me Up and I Can Only Imagine, Katy Perry's E.T., or possibly even Jessie J, David Guetta (love Davey G), know.

But not all the outfits. What I'm going to show you is more...classy, New Yorker or Parisienne style than grunge-hip hop or Mr. International, or beat-mixer. It has an edge to it that is classy and appropriate ..I think y'all are gonna love this one.

Balenciaga gets it with the over sized jacket, silks, streamlined gloves...cute booties...I would totally wear this in the kids or grand kids would probably call me old...
Think of it, we're going back to the ''50s - '60s times for the future with pastels, the adorable jacket Chloe it...
This is Celine...and I adore makes her (the model) look so tiny, yet so empowered...
The paisley print is very classy, very modern and I love buttons...and coats! Yay for Emilio Pucci
As usual Comme de Garcons brings a weird twist with the yellow hair, but keeps it in trend with the rose print and soft pastel and the red brogue-like it
This is Altuzarra...I might not be a big fan of furs, faux or not, but the minimalist look is timeless...think Christina Perri mixed with Anna Wintour in this...thumbs up.
This look is just...crazy. Isabel Marant too...buttons, the lace overlay of the top, the flats...chic, classic, timeless  But would probably cost a pretty penny, so try to pull your own look together in a cheaper manner. Check out the set I created of a cheaper look I comes after this post. Designer is great, but it can wipe out anyone's walllet...anyone.
The oversizer sunglasses, jacket, the cute jumpsuit, the minimalist-chicness and the's DVF. Update your fashion lingo if you don't know who that stands for...okay,'s Diane von her...she's such an inspiration!
I guess that's it for today. If you're looking for more 'Futurisitc Loving', just check out:

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